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School of Economic Sciences | WSU James Miller

James D. M. Miller



  • Ph.D. Economics, Washington State University, 2019
    • Committee: Bidisha Mandal (chair), Jill McCluskey, Alan Love
    • Dissertation Title: Post Disability and Maternity Leave Employment – Considering Education Interactions and State Mandates
    • Ph.D. Field Courses: Industrial Organization, Advanced Econometrics
  • M.S. Applied Economics, Washington State University, 2017
  • B.A. Economics, Brigham Young University, 2006
  • Associate of Arts and Sciences, Olympic Community College, 2002

Research Interests

  • Health Economics, Health Policy, Worker Disability and Family Leave

Work in Progress

  • The Disability Mitigating Effects of Occupation Specific Human Capital Interactions
  • Medicaid Expansion and Post-Disability Break Employment
  • Paid Maternity Leave Interactions with Education

Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

  • Aharonovitz, G. D., & Miller, J. D. (2010). Are Net FDI Flows and Reversals of Capital Flows a Result of Output Growth? B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 10(1), Article 72.

Research Experience

  • Research Assistant for Dr. Gilad Aharonovitz, School of Economic Sciences, WSU, Spring 2008

Teaching Experience

  • Lead Instructor:
    • Managerial Economics: Production (AgEc 301), University of Idaho, Spring 2018
    • Macroeconomics (Econ 202), Community Colleges of Spokane, Pullman Campus, Fall 2012
    • Microeconomics (Econ 201), Community Colleges of Spokane, Pullman Campus, Spring 2012
    • Economics for Agricultural Decision Making (EconS 505, online), WSU, Fall 2011
    • Fundamentals of Macroeconomics (EconS 102), WSU, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010
    • Money and Banking (EconS 320), WSU, Summer 2009
  • Distance Course Development:
    • Economics of Agricultural Decision Making (EconS 505), WSU Spring 2011
  • Teaching Assistant:
    • Intermediate Macroeconomics (EconS 302), WSU, Spring 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2008, Fall 2007
    • Intermediate Microeconomics (EconS 305), WSU, Fall 2008
    • International Trade and Finance (EconS 327), Fall 2007

Professional Development

  • Excellence in Teaching Online: Certification of Instructional Effectiveness, Center for Distance and Professional Education, WSU, May 2011
  • Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning Workshop, sponsored by WSU, on February 12, 2011
  • Teaching Academy Workshop, sponsored by WSU Graduate School, on January 17, 2009

Professional Service

  • Member of Outreach Group for the Institute for Extended Learning (IEL), Community Colleges of Spokane, Summer 2012
  • Graduate Student Member of Search Committee for Director, School of Economic Sciences, WSU, 2010


  • Applied Econometrics: Binary and Limited Dependent Variable Models (e.g. Probit, Logit, Multinomial Logit, Heckman Probit, Nested Logit)
  • Computer: STATA (coding), R

Contact Info:

E-mail: James Miller

Office Location:

101 Hulbert Hall
School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6210